Navigating your child's mental health can seem overwhelming and lonely...
But finding support shouldn't be.

FeelWise App puts powerful mental health tools directly in your hands

With features like voice analysis, mood tracking, body mapping, meditation, and personal growth tools, you and your family will have everything you need to tackle stress and find peace quickly.

Support your family - check in with each other inside the app - and experience a happier life!

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Hi! I’m Natalie Ledwell.

Back in 2017, a heartbreaking article about a 10-year-old girl's suicide due to bullying hit me hard. It made me realize how many teenagers in the USA are struggling with thoughts of suicide.

It opened my eyes to the alarming struggles teenagers face with thoughts of suicide in the USA.

Fast forward to today, and the pandemic has only made things worse. Teens aren't the only ones struggling. Parents are finding it hard to communicate with their kids, kids are acting out in different ways, and lots of teachers are quitting their jobs.

I couldn't just stand by and watch. That’s why I founded Personal Growth Studies or PGS for students and teachers. But I knew more needed to be done. That's why I joined forces with Kristi Holt from Vibeonix to create FeelWise.

FeelWise is our solution to help kids navigate these tough times and support parents in understanding and connecting with their children. Together, we've built a bridge to bring families closer and offer hope in the face of adversity.

Perhaps you've wished you had a magic wand that could just whisk away all the emotional struggles you and your child face.

We both know that's not possible…

But let me introduce you to the next best thing...

In just one week of using FeelWise, you'll experience:

Improved communication and understanding between you and your child and anyone else in your ‘team’ (family members, colleagues, friends!), leading to a more positive and supportive relationship where depression, challenges, and stresses become a manageable part of life!

Visualize a future where communication issues are a thing of the past.

Picture your family relationships strengthened and you and your child's resilience to adversity stronger than ever.

Feel the shared understanding and empathy for your loved ones.

Hear the laughter and genuine conversations you often have.

Sense how it would feel to experience peace, happiness, and openness at home.

This is the future that FeelWise can help you to create.

Dixie-Ann Harris Gordon
Pediatric Life Coach
Founder & Director at The Children's Wisdom Institute

“This is golden”

“It’s just been a week and I didn’t even realize the full breadth of everything that’s on the App. I am recording emotions, I am following the energy results and watching the videos, cool BUT when I went into things like Body Mapping… I am like ‘this is golden’… What I love is that it is self-guided. It can take someone like my dad who has no clue whatever this is and it just holds his hands and guides him through. I love that about it.”

Dinuka Ranasinghe
CEO of The Parenting Evolution
Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

“It is so comforting to know that you have the support… IMMEDIATELY”

“It is very comforting to have this tool. It’s short and sweet and it's plenty. I just really like your voice your tempo, your guidance - all of that. I needed it this morning and it was available to me. In this moment, it is so comforting to know that you have the support, IMMEDIATELY and I don’t have to wait for an appointment in 2 weeks to see my therapist. It was comforting to me that a child has access to this.”

Theodora Bogiou
Founder and CEO exSELIens

“It’s brilliant”

I think it is a brilliant idea and the way you structured it is amazing. I am so impressed because everything I know about coaching and mindfulness is in here. It gives you the freedom to choose and create your own resources. They (kids) will learn to recognize their feelings and then move on to investigating them and I love the list of issues we are experiencing in our body and then their connection to the feelings - it’s brilliant.

With FeelWise, it's as simple as a daily check-in.

Our voice Analysis AI understands how you're feeling, so you and your team (of family members, friends, or colleagues) can stay connected and support each other.

FeelWise doesn't just give advice; it gives you solutions to manage your emotions and build healthier relationships. With the multiple tools available directly inside the app, it quickly, easily, and powerfully supports you and your child's mental health and emotional growth.

How It Works

FeelWise combines the power of science, psychology, and technology.


Daily Check-In

Record your voice and discover your daily Emotional Energy score with our AI Analysis Tool. (You’ll also get a nudge if someone in your team needs some extra love some days!)


Personalized Recommendations

Based on your results - Try quick, uplifting activities chosen just for you to turn your day around fast.


Connect With Your Team Or AI Guide

Share your feelings and instantly connect with someone in your support team or your AI Guide — never feel alone!


Feel better Now With FeelWise

Let FeelWise guide you to positive mental habits that last. Try it out for 30 days and watch your and your family’s happiness and positivity skyrocket!

Modern research proves that understanding and supporting mental health is more important than you think. Yet up until recently, it was often assumed that only professionals or experts could tackle mental health issues.

Today, modern mental health studies show that we all can support our children or friends and family members through their struggles. Whether it's preventing a crisis or just improving communication, we CAN make a difference.

The secret is knowing how they’re feeling and how to help.

That's where FeelWise comes in. It helps you do just that, so you can bring positive change to your family's life and feel empowered on your journey to a healthier and happier household and network.

How FeelWise can support you and your family (it's simpler than you think!)

  • Healthily navigate conflicts
  • Learn how to manage emotions for clearer communication
  • Build empathy and strengthen connections
  • Manage stress with ease
  • Understand your children's emotions and needs
  • Get equipped with tools to deal with problems early
  • Creates a safe group for parents and teachers when kids struggle with mental health
  • Teaches your family healthy ways to handle tough times, even if they never talked about it before

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